Esfil Tehno AS
Esfil Tehno AS

Basic filtering materials

Filtering non-woven materials (FNM) are intended for thin clearing air, gases and weighed particles (aerosols, dust, fogs) and are used for manufacturing dust-proof and light gas and dust-proof means for protection of respiratory organs.

FNM materials and the corresponding know-how are covered by Estonian patents ЕЕ03752В1, ЕЕ03779В1 and European patent № ЕР0829293.

Filtering materials (FPP) based on perchlorovinyl are intended for the manufacturing of aerosol filters. The material is chemically stable in the presence of strong acids and alkalis, alcohols, and saturated hydrocarbons. Can be used for trapping mists, oils, and acids. Working temperatures from -200°С up to +60°С.

Filtering polymer materials (FPM) are dedicated to the manufacturing of individual protection facilities for respiratory organs, aerosol filters, filters of complex purification. The material is chemically stable in the presence of diluted acids, alkalis, alcohols, saturated hydrocarbon, glycerin, oils, petroleum and fresh water; temperature range of maintenance from -30°С up to +70°С.