Esfil Tehno AS
Esfil Tehno AS

Iodine sorption-filtering tape SFL-2I-50

The iodine sorption-filtering tape SFL-2I-50 is made of a material FPP with high disperse sorbent and intended for culling hallmarks of aerosols, both vapours of iodine and subsequent measuring of the delayed sediment by radiometric instruments.

The tape SFL-2I-50 represents 3-beds band composed of a friable stratum of ultra thin fibres, into which one is entered impregnated by coal covered from both parties with strata of a tighter material, such as NEL. Edges of the tape are pressure-tight, fastened by calorific welding.

The tape SFL-2I-50 is exhausted in a communal width of 50 mm. Width of a working part without the fastened edges of 40 mm; permissible variation is ±1 mm.

The tape is coiled onto a rigid core with an inside diameter of 20 mm. Length of a tape reeled onto the core is 25-35 m.

The tape SFL-2I-50 can be used as a semi-finished item for fabrication of analytical screens AFAS-I, also contents, intended for definition, radioactive iodine.

The filtering ground (basis) of a tape is hydrophobic, the rack to strong acids, and also alcohols, is diluted in chlorinated hydrocarbons and ketones.

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Technical characteristics
Parameter name Norm
group 1 group 2
Resistance of a tape to an air stream at a speed of 1 cm/s, Pа 25-55 55-75
Penetrations coefficient on an oily fog with a particle radius of 0.15-0.17 mkm at a filtration rate of 10 cm/s, %, not more 1.0 1.0
Dynamic capacitance on molecular stable iodine at a speed of 1 cm/s, concentration 2.5 mg/l and penetrations coefficient of iodine of 0.001 %, mg/cm2, not less 0.5 0.5
Penetrations coefficient molecular radioactive iodine 131 at a speed of 5 l/min, initial concentration 1.10-7–1.10-8 Curie/l, floor space of a sample 3 см2, temperature 18-22°С and iodine 131 capacitance 1.10-5 Curie, %, not more 1.0 1.0
Mass of a unit area of a tape, mg/cm2 10-20 10-20
Breaking strength of a tape with the reinforced edges, N, not less 50 50

The tape SFL-2I-50 is applied in radiometric instruments to catching and defining the contents of radioactive iodine, counted on exploitation at temperature of environmental and monitored air from 0°С up to +60°С with relative humidity up to 100% (without formation of a dropped moisture) and the stay (is absent hesitation pumping through a tape of monitored air) at temperature from -50°С up to +65°С at the same limiting value.

The conformity of tapes to the technical requirements within 5 years from the moment of fabrication is guaranteed at observance of conditions of storage and transportation.