Esfil Tehno AS
Esfil Tehno AS

Analytical aerosol filters AFA

AFA filters are intended for separation of the disperse admixtures from a gas phase at study or testing of an aero disperse system (aerosol).

The basic range of applications of AFA filters:

  • Studying and testing of the radioactive, toxic and bacterial aerosols presenting in air of a working zone of manufacturing premises, in near ground atmosphere layer;
  • Studying and testing of the radioactive, toxic and bacterial aerosols presenting in ventilation and technological air streams;
  • Studying and testing the performance of the gas cleaning devices, individual and collective protection aids for aerosols or other similar filtering devices;
  • Conducting research and development works in the field of aero disperse systems.
Classification and types of AFA filters
Filter type Application Filter name by a method of analysis Polymer in fibers
AFA-HP Concentration, chemical and radiochemical composition test for aerosols Chemical Perchlorovinyl
AFA-RMP Determination of volumetric activity of aerosols Radiometrical Perchlorovinyl
AFA-RSP Determination of volumetric activity and isotope structure of aerosols Radio spectrometrical Perchlorovinyl
AFA-RGP Determination of the size and activity of aerosol particles Radiografrical Perchlorovinyl
AFA-VP Determination of so-many parts in the volume of aerosol Mass analysis Perchlorovinyl
AFA-DP Definition of dispersity of aerosol using microscope Dispersive Perchlorovinyl

The filtering element of filters AFA-RSP, AFA-RMP, AFA-RGP, AFA-DP is fastened to a paper base ring with a flange, that construction is inserted into a paper protective ring. The filtering element of filters AFA-WP and AFA-CHP is inserted directly into a protective ring. A work surface of filters is 20 cm2.

The warranty period for the storage of AFA filters from the moment of their fabrication is:

  • FPP-15-1.5 - 4 years;
  • LFS-2 - 2 years;
  • NEL-3 - 9 years.