Esfil Tehno AS
Esfil Tehno AS

Sorption-filtering mercury tape SFL-R-50

The tape sorption-filtering of mercury SFL-R-50 is made of the material FPP with high disperse sorbent, is intended for culling hallmarks of aerosols both vapours of mercury and subsequent measuring of the contents of the caught mercury.

The tape SFL-R-50 represents long 3-beds a band composed of a friable stratum of ultra thin fibrous, into which one is entered impregnated by absorbite, covered from both parties with strata of more tight material such as NEL. Edges of a tape are pressure-tight and fastened by calorific welding.

The tape sorption-filtering mercury is exhausted in a communal width of 50 mm. Width of a working part without the fastened edges of 40 mm. The deflection of 1 mm is enabled.

The tape is coiled onto rigid core with an inside diameter of 20 mm. Length of tape reeled onto the core is 25-35 m.

The tape with sorption-filtering mercury should be applied to catching aerosols and steams (vapours) of mercury from aerial and other gas environments at temperature from -15°С up to +40°С, damp 98% in absence of drop liquid hydrocarbons.

The tape mercury sorption-filtering tape can be used as a semi-finished item for fabrication of analytical screens AFAS-R, intended for the same purpose.

The filtering ground (basis) of a tape is hydrophobic, the rack to strong acids, and also alcohols, is diluted in chlorinated hydrocarbons and ketones, and swells in oils.

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Technical characteristics

  • Resistance of tape to an air stream at a speed of 1 см/s: 50-120 Pа.
  • Penetrations coefficient of an oily fog with a particle radius of 0.15-0.17 microns at a filtration rate of 10 cm/s: not more than 1.0 %.
  • Dynamic sorption capacitance on vapours of mercury at a rate of flow of 10 сm/s and initial concentration of vapours of mercury of 0.0075 mg/l and penetration of mercury 0.01%: not less than 0.1 mg/cm2.
  • Mass of a unit area of tape 10-20 mg/cm2.
  • Breaking strength of tape with reinforced edges not less than 50 N.
  • Appearance: a tight not fleecy tape of grey colour with a close set stratum of sorbent, without through holes, having pierced, sights, breaking and exterior impurities by sorbent. The edges of tape should be pressure-tight, fastened along the entire length.

The conformity of tapes SFL-R-50 to the technical requirements for a period of 3 years from the moment of fabrication is guaranteed upon the observance of conditions of transportation and storage.