Esfil Tehno AS
Esfil Tehno AS

Filters analytical sorbtion-filtering iodic AFAS-I-20

Sorption-filtering iodic analytical filters AFAS-I-20 are made of the material FPP with high dispersity sorbent, and intended for sampling of aerosols and vapours of iodine and the subsequent measurement of the detained deposit by radiometric devices.

Sorption-filtering iodic analytical filters AFAS-I-20 represent the three-layer disks consisting of a friable layer of ultra thin fibres into which the sorbent, covered from both sides with layers of more dense material, is entered. Edges of the filter are tightly fastened by thermal welding.

Filtering element of filters can be fixed on a paper basic ring with a ledge, which is inserted into a paper protective ring or can, inserted directly into a protective ring. A working surface of filters is 20 cm2.

Filtering basis is hydrophobic, the rack to strong acids, and also spirits, is dissolved in chlorinated hydrocarbons and ketones.

Warranty period for the storage of sorption-filtering iodic analytical filters AFAS-I-20 is 5 years from the moment of their manufacturing.

Technical characteristics
The name of parameters Norms
Resistance of tape to a stream of air at a speed of 1 cm/s, Pа 35 ±7
Penetration of an oil fog with particles having a radius of 0.15-0.17 microns at a speed of a filtration of 10 cm/s, %, not more 1.0
Dynamic capacity on molecular stable iodine at speed of 1 cm/s, concentration of 2.5 mg/l and penetration of iodine of 0.001%, mg/cm2, not less 1.0
Skip factor molecular radioactive iodine 131 at speed of 5 l/min, initial concentration 1.10-7-1.10-8 Cu/l, the sample areas of 3 cm2, temperature 18-22°С and capacities of iodine 131 1.10-5 Cu, %, no more 1.0

Filters also are applied in radiometric devices to catch and define the contents of radioactive iodine, designed to operate at temperatures of environmental and controllable air from 0°С up to +60°С with relative humidity up to 100% (without formation of a drop of moisture) and stay (is absent air flow through the filter of controllable air) at temperature from -50°С up to +65°С at the same limiting value.

Conformity of filters to technical requirements within a period of 5 years from the moment of manufacturing is guaranteed in the case of the observance of conditions of storage and transportation.