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Filtering fibrous material LFS-2

LFS-2 is intended for the sampling of aerosols, including radioactive ones, with firm particles, for measuring of the amount, properties and structure of caught disperse-phase.

LFS-2 can be applied to the fabrication of analytical aerosol filters AFA, for thin clearing of air, gases, and fluids.

LFS-2 material consists of two layers, from which a bottom one executes a role of a strong base substrate and upper one, head-on is intended for filtering.

LFS-2 filtering material is hydrophobic, stable to the affects of acids, weak alkalis, solutions of salts; is not diluted in alcohol, hexane; diluted in dichlorethane, toluene, xylol, tetrahydro-furan; swelled in four-chloride carbon, benzol, dibutilftalate, tricresilphosphate.

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Filtering fibrous material LFS-2


1. Surface density of the filtering material - 35± 5g/m2

2. Surface density of head-on filter sheet - 2± 1 g/m2

3. Resistance of a material to air flow at a velocity of 1 сm/s - 16± 2 Pа

4. Penetration rate of on an oily fog, with particles having an average radius of 0.14-0.17 ?m at a filtration velocity of 170 cm/s – at most 10 %

The conformity of LFS-2 to the technical requirements is guaranteed for a period of 3 years from the time of fabrication in the case of the observance of conditions of transportation and storage by the consumer.