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Fibrous filtering material FPP-D-4

FPP-D-4 is intended for thin clearing of suspended fragments of mechanical impurities from fluids, fuel, and oils. It can be applied to thin air and gas purification.

FPP-D-4 has a tight, non-fuzzy, uniform, fibrous layer composed of a uniform mixture of ultra thin fibres, with average diameters of 1.0-1.5 and 7 µm.

FPP-D-4 are connected in places of intersection. Due to the properties above the material has a smooth and non-fuzzy surface, tight structure that is not altered at filtering of fluids.

FPP-D-4 fibres have hydrophobic properties, are stable to strong acids, alkalis, alcohols, saturated hydrocarbons, and oils. It is diluted in chlorinated hydrocarbons and ketones, and swells in plastifiers.

FPP-D-4 can be used at temperatures ranging from -250?С up to +60?С and in the filtering of gases at a relative humidity up to 98 %.

For specialists

Fibrous filtering material FPP-D-4


Surface density of filtering material - 160± 20 g/m2

Resistance of material to air flow at a velocity of 1 cm/s - 40± 5 Pа

Penetration rate on an oily fog, with particles having an average radius of 0.14-0.17 ?m at a filtration velocity of 1 cm/s – at most 0.1 %

Appearance: uniform, smooth, non fuzzy layer of white colour, without extraneous solid inclusions more than 2 mm in size, without breakings and sights strongly distinguished from the basic layer.

The material conformity to the technical requirements is guaranteed for a period of 10 years from the time of fabrication, in the case of the observance of conditions of transportation and storage by the consumer.