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Antinoise ear plugs Berushy

Anti-noise ear plugs "berushy" are made from the fine-fibre of the polymeric filtering material FPP-SH and intended for individual use by people for the protection of organs of hearing from exterior, manufacturing and household noises.

Anti-noise ear plugs represent squares by the size 40х40 mm, weight on 130-150 mg, carved from cloths fibrous noise absorb material FPP-SH.

Anti-noise ear plugs, curtailed as tumulus and pasted in acoustical pass, slash a level, felt by man, of exterior noise on 15-18 of decibel for a frequency range up to 500 Hertz and till 25-30 of decibel for frequencies more than 500 Hertz.

The berushy anti-noise ear plugs have anti-septical and germicidal properties, irritations of skin are not caused by contact with them, rack to alcohols, limiting hydrocarbons, are diluted in aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons, and ketones, swell in plastifiers; the racks to strong acids and alkalis are hydrophobic; do not inflect the properties at temperatures from - 60?С up to + 60?С and relative humidity up to 99 %.

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Antinoise ear plugs Berushy


1. Weight of the stitch - in - 140 ±10 mg.

2. Size of the stitch - in:

- Width and length - 40±2 mm

- Thickness – 1.5±0.2 mm

3. Anti-noise ear plugs should provide magnitudes of slackening of the noise level in the outboard acoustical pass specified in the table.

Slackening of a level of noises in decibels, not less
On frequencies in Hertz

4. Appearance - uniform friable fleecy stratum of white colour, even by cut off edges, which are easily carved out from pile of the anti-noise earplugs without firm actuation more than 1 mm and breaking. At compartment of the stitch - in from pile is enabled exfoliatation of the surface layer glued among the fibres.

The conformity of anti-noise ear plugs to the technical requirements is guaranteed in the case of observance by the consumer of conditions of transportation and storage for a period of 10 years from the time of discharge.