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Analytical filters

Filtering analytical tapes NEL3, Nel-4LFS-2 – strips of a filtering material with consolidated edges of 25 or 50 mm in width and up to 50 m in length. Intended for a sampling of aerosols, including radioactive ones, with rigid particles for the measurement of quantity, properties and structure of the trapped disperse-phase in the continuously operational devices.

Sorption and filtering tapes SFL-2I-50, SFL-2R-50 – contain highly disperse hemosorbent and are intended, depending on a type of a sorbent, for a sampling of aerosols and steams of iodum with the subsequent measurement by radiometric devices, or for a sampling of aerosols and steams of mercury with the subsequent measurement of the contents of mercury.

Analytical aerosol filters AFA— are dedicated for analysis and control of aerosols:

  • Radioactive, toxic and bacterial in the air of a working area of industrial premises, in the near-the-ground atmospheric layer;
  • Radioactive, toxic and bacterial, present in ventilation and technological air (gas) flows,
  • For the monitoring of the efficiency of gas purification devices, both personal and collective protection facilities against aerosols;
  • In R&D works in the field of aerodispersible systems.

Filters analytical sorbtion - filtering iodic AFSF-I-20, AFSF-I-10 - Sorption-filtering iodic analytical filters AFSF-I-20 are made of material FPP with high-dispersity sorbent, and intended for the sampling of aerosols and vapours of iodine and the subsequent measurement of the detained deposit by radiometric devices.

Fuel grade indicators – intended for express analysis of aviation fuel for the presence of water and mechanical impurities within the limits of a mass share of water 0.001-0.003 % and impurities 0.0002-0.0003 %.